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Type of complaint brand Models Distributor The contents of the complaint Event state
product quality FAW Volkswagen MAGOTAN Sanya long Bo Automotive Services Limited I am on October 6, 2016, in Sanya long Bo Automotive Services Limited (hereinafter referred to as the long bo... [detail] Has been accepted
product quality Nissan Kai Chen Dongguan Dongfeng South Dongxing store 2014 R50 automatic elite, began to find the antifreeze to reduce the phenomenon in 2018, that is... [detail] Not accepted
Other problems Audi Audi A4L Kunshan guoyada The car smell... [detail] Not accepted
product quality BMW brilliance BMW 5 Series Beijing Double Star Auto Sales & Service Co. In May 26, 2014, Beijing Double Star Auto Sales & Service Co. Car Buying, has been in the shop... [detail] Not accepted
product quality Audi Audi Q5 Zhejiang Zhongsheng Yu Di The smell is serious, and the open ventilation, wind blowing out more serious odor... [detail] Not accepted

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  1. Mass 648
  2. FAW Volkswagen 517
  3. Changan automobile 174
  4. Buick 151
  5. Ford 122
  6. Audi 91
  7. Changan Ford 72
  8. Nissan 66
  9. Shanghai Volkswagen 61
  10. Peugeot 61

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